1. jayef

    definitely a hit it and forget it deal

  2. Zombie Kitty

    Jeez, that nose pokes out further than her titties!!!

  3. Hmmmmm

    famous for a vagina..wow congrats on that

  4. Boo

    I like!

  5. Woofus

    I wish when I was that skinny that I didn’t think I was fat. Dang!

  6. anon

    I knew it!!! walked in on my sisters watching Teen mom,
    “she’s hot”
    “ew gross”
    “nope she’s hiding a body”

  7. LEB

    Shouldn’t that money have gone towards her daughter’s college education so she doesn’t f*ck up like her mom, rather than toward silicone bags in her chest? Isn’t being a slut what got her into this mess in the first place?

  8. blair burns

    …having kids ruins your boobs!! and last time i checked 6000 dollars doesn’t pay for your childs education. who the fk are we to judge her we arnt in her situation. good for her to make her body look amazing!! being a young mother myself id do the same thing. she works her ass off to make a better life for her daughter. good for you farrah. work it girl!

    • Yes, her daughter has a better life now knowing if they are ever in a plane crash she can use her mom’s tits as a flotation device.

      Being a young mother yourself, you are obviously just as reckless and stupid.

    • Colby Lucero

      this right here is why young women shouldnt have kids. you would spend 6000 dollars on your titties, on the reasoning that that isnt enough to pay for your kid’s education? and she worked her ass of to get them? really?…really? last i checked she got knocked up at sixteen than got famous for crying and making the ugly face every other episode she was on on that stupid show. sounds like she is a good decision maker though, what with the getting knocked up at sixteen, ignoring her daughter to try and go on dates with guys (i say try cause none of them seemed that interested in her), and spending the money she made on a set of really bad looking fakies. you two should get together, i am sure your kids will really benefit from that! =)

    • BethAnenny Who?

      Blair, your post shows your immaturity. AND your lack of morals, respect and scruples. Also, Spell check is installed for a reason, USE IT. it is your friend….and won’t give you a STD or another child you will not be able to raise on your own. (and people wonder why food stamps is at an all time high….a rotten President isn’t 100% at fault here…it’s KIDS HAVING KIDS!)

  9. Rob

    Why did she go for the boob job over the nose job?

  10. 41-Maldonado

    Teen moms with boob implants are such a string, and they look bad, those surgeons as done horrible job on it, those people are likely not too experienced

  11. Why are you picking on Farrah? Zoe Kravitz is probably the only one in this group who does not have implants.

  12. mistyfee

    Farrah should have gotten her beak worked on before her breasts.

  13. CMM

    Too skinny!!

  14. endo

    Watched her on the show, this girl is the biggest bitch ever. She treated her mom like a door mat she is a spoiled baby she should have taken any money she got and took personality and respect lessons. she needs to be forgotten about. she will end up all alone and on welfare. hope someone takes good care of her child.

    • ..absolutely agree
      In my opinion, she made very bad decisions also. I know, her mother is not the better mom in this world, but she’s very unrespectful with her parents (..call “Michael” to your father.. wtf!).
      She’s also so whimsical!: first, the dog (diaper-dog), then, implants, then, live in florida… and she then regrets for everyrhing! “i dont want the puppy anymore”, “i dont have money” “i feel alone”…
      I now is her life, but she need advice to make some decisions.

  15. growupteens

    Soooo dident she LEAVE her child with her mother to move away to “work” or get a better job or something like that … so what her Moving away and leaving HER baby with her mom just a way to get her boobies done and recover without having a toddler to pick up and bang into them ect ?…. good job screw up , all she did on the show was WHINE … pooor me , my babies dad died .. yes thats sad , but she acted like it never happend to anyone ever before but her … then cryed and cryed and whined and cryed , and i rember she would always put her daughter on the bed or the couch and walk away to talk on the phone , or use the computer , HELLO … being young is no excuse for being stupid .. putting your kid on a couch and leaving them to fall off and getting hurt then moving away and leaving your kid with your mom .. WHO HIT YOU in the face .. and then get your boobs done??? she done screwed up !!!!pooooor little sophia

  16. prissy

    she needs to track down ashley simpson’s nose doc.

  17. why the fuck are u judging?? geez people, now we all can see that you have no fucking life!!! if yu wanna make bad comments then do it some where else.. and leave Blair alone… shes a mother so what.. shes young so what,, i would love to see what yu would say when yu have children and then they fall pregnant at a young age… hmmmm i know what i would say too yu,, LOL YOU STUPID BASTARD, YOU WANNA SAY BAD SHIT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE.. WELL PAYBACKS A BITCH..

  18. O really she is very hot in all bikini pic. and her body looking so very perfect. in this bikini.

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