1. Nik

    she is so fugly

  2. burton

    shes too short! nice tree stump legs you midget!

    • kelly

      shes acually very thin, and has thin legs, she is too short to be a runway model, so she does print work like this
      and yes shes ugly lol

  3. Amanda

    She modeled BEFORE she was a teen mom. Do your homework =P!

  4. Kim

    well i still think she is beautiful and does amazing work. yall stop hating because your not a model. LOL. haters!

  5. Frankie

    I think she is beautiful… now she needs to get some butt implants and good to go.

  6. Bams

    If she is beautiful then I really hot..

  7. Bams

    Correction, I’m really hot!!

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