1. yoop

    she’s got a profile like a damn Neanderthal

  2. ThisWillHurt

    How many shots to the face is she gonna take?

  3. loli

    I cant even find the words to begin to explain how disgusting this photo is.

  4. Few things disgust me to the point where I simply cannot look…this picture is one of those things.
    Anyone smoking anything in a picture looks rediculous and stupid,because when I see someone smoking all I can think of is how their hair and clothes smell like cigarettes,their breath must smell like an old ass ash tray and the fact that they´re chewing on cancer sticks – but this picture right here just made me puke in my own mouth.
    Inhaling second hand smoke directly from someone elses mouth is disgusting,and I have seen this girl squirt out of her ass and thought nothing of it.
    I wish she´d OD already.

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