1. Digi


  2. Richard McBeef

    The pit stains pale in comparison to the wet spot on the front of his shirt. Smell better too.

  3. The dude

    So this is how he got that wet spot on the front of his shirt.

  4. Dbag Police

    Praying there is a thong buried in there somewhere…. the alternative is just too much to bare while eating lunch.

  5. HC66

    This photo will be the reason why their kid commits suicide when they’re in junior high.

  6. Anyone else reminded of the movie “Superbad”?

  7. JOSH

    that is fucking distgusting, shes 21 and has the ass of a 40 year old woman! lol gorss, poor kid.

  8. maya rud

    I can’t tell where her ass ends and his gut begins. Horf! But I do want a cottage cheese single with grape jelly now. Delish!

  9. Jess

    MY EYES!!

  10. that’s a sexy ass beautiful peekaboo–would love if there were as many here as there were of michelle rodriguez earlier.

    for all the probs they’ve had along the way they look fine together. hope they’re investing their mtv money on the CHILD!

  11. Denny's

    Moons over my hammy

  12. blonde

    Not okay.

  13. Misana

    GAH!!!! awful.. the comments on here make me laugh. I swear

  14. ThighHighs

    That whole situation looks like it smells like hot garbage and piss. They are absolutely disgusting. Cover up.

  15. Cam

    I hope she doesn’t climb any higher cause he would literally eat her vagina.

  16. S'up Bitches!

    “Waitress! I’ll have a flabby ass on beer gut. Hold the class!”

  17. FamousPlastic.com

    What’s a 21st birthday with out an upskirt? Yay! Okay, I’m going to go stick a hot poker in my eyes now. Thank you Superficial and MTV for making trailer trash rich and famous.

  18. Are these photos from the delivery room? I was always curious how trailer babies were born.

  19. ewwwwwwwww thats all i have to say.

  20. Kelly

    I weigh 110 pounds , And I’m pretty sure my ass looks like that :) So shut up you douchebag’s .

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