1. Cock Dr

    This show is a profound argument for the idea that contraception & early term abortion services should be completely free for all.
    Citizens, illegals, under 18, living in Kansas, ANYONE who wants these services should be able to get them without delays or hassles.
    This dumb cow now thinks she’s a star.

  2. Jamie Neal

    I love picture #5 of the background fattie in the go-go cart staring at her!!! You know she’s gonna beat her to the twinkies!!

  3. Chupacabra

    What’s so great is the background photo is directly what she’ll look like and be doing in the (near) future. I agree with Cock Dr. If abortions were free, it would save the goddamned world as we know it.

  4. jenn

    haha love that chick in the background

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