1. Ken

    So this is where the bully from 3 O’Clock High ended up.

  2. alk;dl;akjg

    My God, so William Murderface has a daughter?

  3. Seriously, is she slow? She looks slow.

  4. Tyler Perry

    I love how she always has this calm, collected, “FUCK YOU” look on her face in every photo. Almost a sense of white trash entitlement..

  5. Murakamari

    this girl could look way less silly, if she did not pluck her brows so much – the gap is way too big for her proportions. or is this some kind of a trademark thing?

  6. kayk

    Didn’t we do all of this already?
    why is it some fat bitch beating the shit out of her fat useless husband isn’t important until it happens on MTV? What about isle 3 of EVERY wallmart in America.

  7. maria

    she is so pretty

    seriously, who can look that good in a mug shot?

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