1. Me

    So, that’s a spatula she’s cleaning the snow off with…

  2. schaft

    Nothing clears off snow like a spatula with fresh grease on it.

  3. Senor Trout

    ‘That was the deal…I get a ring, I cook him an engine block omelet, weather be damned.’

  4. It’s the same spatula she applies her makeup with.

  5. H6E6X6

    Cause clearly this is something that should be reproducing. *leaves country*

  6. Jovy

    Is this worthless piglet attempting to look sexy?

  7. Cock Dr

    Frank Zappa said that the most common element in the universe wasn’t hydrogen, it was stupidity.
    We here on the SW daily witness this great truth.

  8. jenn

    lmfao. is this serious? shes actually using a spatchula to take snow off her car?

  9. downwithmuffins

    just looking at this bitch with her spatula makes me feel white trash.. and i know people that drink pabst blue ribbon! ;(

  10. downwithmuffins

    i wanted to make a really horrible joke about creatively using kitchen tools and scraping things *cough home abortions cough* but i just couldnt bring myself to do it *cough even though she should never have been legally allowed to be a parent cough*

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