1. Honest Abe

    Hard to believe, but her ass looked pretty sweet in her recent naked pics!

  2. sally

    remember how amber told Gary he wasn’t asking her to marry him correctly. SHe made him look like a real ass. here he is again being STUPID gary. Or should I say STUPID< STUPID Gary. Please don't give them a show of their own. She deserves Jail time, not spotlight time. For what she did to him on camera, no less off camera, she doesn't deserve his friendship, no less to be married. What a big joke. And the network does a show out of this, they should be taken to court for allowing this abuse to go on in the first place.

  3. Paloma

    That’s tail? I thought that was back hair. This ugly bitch can’t do any better anyway so she might as well marry her baby daddy. The kid is still gonna be fucked up in the head regardless.

  4. Phil

    INBREDS … freekin INBREDS – makin’ more ARRRRGGH

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