1. Inner Retard

    Obviously, she’s at the sexy vixen end of her bipolar disorder again.

  2. I dont think I have ever even thought this in my head, much less said it out loud: she looks hot in this pic.

  3. I dont like her. She acts like her vagina dont stink.

  4. Yes, she’s hot. But knowing who she is and what she does, means I would never touch her.

  5. anonym

    She’s the next Shania.

    I’d fuck that hotness. Taylor looks like she gives a good blowjob

  6. Burt

    I’ve seen pictures of her without makeup. It’s amazing what a good makeup artist can do.

  7. 16MPG

    Miss La Vey also has a passing resemblance, similar name and shared devilish intentions with Debra LaFave, a school teacher convicted of having sex with one of her students.

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