1. Smapdi

    It was inevitable – Munn is so boring, she finally even bored herself.

  2. I can almost hear Olivia Munn’s inside voice repeating “Must… Not… Kill…”

  3. Art-Girl

    Go to your happy place, Olivia, go to your happy place…If I don’t make eye contact, she can’t turn you to stone…go to your happy place…

  4. Beltliner

    I can’t decide if I should be making a joke about these two being emotionless robots, or if I should be making a joke about which one of them is taking that giant glass butt plug up the… HEY HEY!!

  5. Cock Dr

    Why can’t Taylor Swift find lasting true love? Everyone she approaches turns to stone.

  6. Spazzz

    I can almost hear her whispering ‘hug me back or the next single will be about you.’

  7. These two doing each other with that award would be my People’s Choice.

  8. o'chunt

    That looks nothing like Olivia Munn. WTF?

  9. Gin&Tonic

    next time put some actually hot chicks on stage and maybe we’d actually give a shit

  10. The expression on Olivia’s face sums up my feelings about Taylor Swift perfectly. Fucking boring. After every break up she comes out with the full glam on, to hook another poor bastard. And she will definitely hook one.

  11. anonym

    olivia looks ugly as usual.

  12. Rico Jones

    I really can’t stand Olivia Munn. She thinks she is funny… she is not.

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