1. JC

    I approve of the legs and the cheek reveal, but the fact that she’s taking fashion cues from toddlers’ rompers makes me feel weird.

  2. cajunhawk

    How can someone have negative ass?

  3. Suck It Trebek

    Aren’t ass cheeks supposed to go outward?

  4. Back pain

    Even with viagra and looking at this picture i got nothing going

  5. anonym

    she knows how to pose.

    It’s her “you know you want some” look

  6. Remember, the FDA classifies rompers as a “gateway garment”.

    So by the time Taylor drops the third single from “1989″, she should be totally pantsless.

  7. CheckYoTits

    what ass cheeks?

  8. LOL @ those pap losers in the first pic.

  9. This is probably her best “turn and catch you looking at my bum” pose.

  10. David Bowie looks good

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