1. [Scans room....] “Shit, no Kanye, no ex-boyfriends in sight. How’m I gonna get motivated for this performance? Wait, there’s Beyonce’ !! Physically perfect… 17 Grammys… millionairess… fulfilled mother… new album all about her billionaire husband’s giant cock…. OH YEAH, Momma’s feeling that hate. Let’s rock this bitch!!!”

  2. comment error… sigh.

  3. IndustrialBunni

    I like her and I dont think she’s compensating for beyonce being in the room. She seemed to enjoy the performance by Beyonce and her husband.

    Could it be the shallow one is you?

  4. Taylor don’t care, still the hottest chick there.

  5. cajunhawk

    Shitty music gone shit

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