1. Dear Parents, you have failed.

  2. Damien Louis

    Young tits on the stage, locked in a lesbian embrace? How old is too old to go to that club?

  3. argleblargle

    These are stills from her latest Cinemax feature, yes?

  4. adolf hitler

    this is jim carreys fault

  5. Josephus

    I would comment on this photo, but then Chris Hansen would probably pull my IP address and be waiting for me when I came home from the nearby sale on wine coolers and condoms.

  6. Wow, I think this is the first time in a long time Taylor has felt overdressed.

  7. hateU

    Ya’ll should eat a salad or somethin or get off stage fat idiots.

  8. dave

    so i guess she has accepted that she wont be taken seriously as an muso.
    Back to the pop/whatever the hell you want to call it/trailer trash/attention whore

  9. one legged


  10. take a note from taylor’s book: this is how they should have performed the vagina monologues

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