1. she’s hot. get over it.

    the problem is, she’s “hot” like practically ALL younger girls are now: too much makeup, too much accessorization, too much of a bored, lazy-eyed look.

    they all look the same. I blame emo / gothness, Japan, and anime…

  2. burton

    I dont find her hot, she looks dirty and used, which in my books isnt hot.. I like the look of innocence and cleanliness…no matter what the age..just cause your 17 dont make you hot, i know 30 year olds who are cuter and hotter than this chick is…age dont mean shit if you dont have class.

  3. dude, taylor momsen is solid. she’s good looking, she’s young, and she’s sick of the music by numbers status quo non sense. im 23 years old. im a musician. im a singer. shes got the opportunity by working within the TV circuit to get her music and an IDEA heard and seen. the idea is old. its not fresh. but it’s real. it’s the same idea that any young musical person wants.

    larger than life. aggressive. sex. anger. pain removal. therapy. you all need to grow up. grow the fuck up and put your cell phones down when you see fucking music. go to austin TEXAS – im from LA. in austin they actually ENGAGE in the show. they actually LISTEN to the music. they WANT to ENJOY a FUCKING SHOW. not just STAND THERE WITH THEIR FAGGOT CELL PHONES.

    it’s fucking BULLSHIT. she’s in Los Angeles playing shows and not whoring herself into LADY GAGA by signing a contract with a sick bitch in his Hollywood poluted Hills mansion and gold records on the wall pretending to be a star when she’s shit on the heals of passion.

    so go fuck yourselves. all of you on this bullshit website. you wouldn’t know an honest fist if it smashed your jaw into your throat. eat shit internet media porn.

  4. yawn

    so much criticism..
    i dig her.

  5. Willy Wonka

    Who is this cunt?

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