1. Almost the whole lineup for GnR too. I can see the conversation now “Hey Slash it’s Axl. we’re getting the whole band back together for a tour, you in? We’re touring with Taylor Momsen dude! …Slash? slash? hello?”

  2. rough tested, mother (dis) approve

    Wow look who supports BTHSM. Its fine youre still a draw AXL.

  3. There really is no law that says you must wear every fucking thing in your suitcase.

  4. Axl, as part of a Public Service Program, demonstrates proper self-administered Prostate Examination technique to the audience.

  5. ColdbloodedL

    This pic is depressing me, he use to be the guy
    I actually ” wanted ” to give a blow job.

  6. Joe Mahma

    Paddington Bear!

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