1. Jezebel

    Implants, weight gain, or both?

    • EmmaWatson's Vagina

      looks like both.

    • lillaliket

      don’t think she has implants, she just has these weirdly soft boobs that are really easy to push up, i’ve seen it in other pictures too. she does seem to have gained though, that midsection is kinda wide

  2. Sheppy

    Boobs are looking good :)

  3. I wonder if Axl will dedicate “Welcome to the Jungle” to Taylors vagina?

  4. Hugh Jorgan

    Pretty sure I know what she opened for GNR.

  5. Trep

    Is Camden still the murder capitol of the US?

  6. Best picture of her. Ever.

  7. Josephus

    Are we legally allowed to masturbate to her yet? I lost track.

  8. The less talent you have ….

  9. I can honestly say this is the first time I thought she looked good. I think she had them done if you ask me I like it.

    PS Your Scouted drop ad at the top is Fng annoying.

  10. Skeets


  11. okiedokey

    Don’t wear panties. Then i would be impressed.

  12. martina

    oh my … hot and sexy

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