1. 16walkabilliesout

    Has she been emaciated, um i mean emancipated from her parents all this time?

  2. blonde

    Who is this? WHO IS THIS?

  3. StayPuftOverlord

    Why does it look like she did topless paintball over the weekend and took a pellet to the nipple?

  4. adolf hitler

    she is effortlessly controversial, this girl. i am shocked. just shocked. without even trying, her existence attacks my sense of propriety. is there no order?

  5. Glad Im not you

    Wow, Hulk Hogan’s daughter is getting skinny.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    she is gross.

  7. okiedokey

    i like it.

    quit covering them up for ticket buyers.

  8. Meanchick

    Some people confuse shock value with tasteless.

  9. Rob

    Her boobs have a certain swagger.

  10. help

    I’ve always kinda thought she was onto something – she interested me in a weird way. Here, she just looks unattractive and I think I’m over it.

  11. suhon12

    She was the little girl in “The Grinch” with Jim Carey. I guess she found fame in different ways.

  12. Rob

    Taylor Momsen will fill the void left by Elizabeth Taylor. She’s an instant classic.

  13. Jasmine

    I miss the cute and innocent little girl. Nowadays she just looks like disgusting white trash.

  14. turd da third

    What a freakin ugly face, definite white trash look,, however she does seem to have nice “mommies” :)


  16. TCIDDA


  17. MaryGIL

    Goths, punks and metal heads don’t like her either. So I have no idea who her fan base is.

  18. mike

    You are all about 50.you all listen to tom jones and havent had sex in 20 years.you have no idea what the fashion is nowadays so shut the fuck up.

    • RalfHarris

      Whoaaa, and I’m not even 30. But you call this is fashion??? Letting it all hang out, running inappropriate peek-a-boos? So what’s next? Jockstrap danglers? Ugh, nasssty! Pls excuse yourself.

  19. richie

    Pretty Reckless

  20. Frunken

    I’m just going to practice script here since no one is going to read this anyway. Except Richie, I guess. WTF, Richie?


  21. Jean Deaux

    she is already used goods.

  22. Sprmcandy


  23. Martina

    lose the tape honey,
    you definitely look better without it

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