1. DeucePickle

    I’m going to allow this

  2. ouch

    man… .that must hurt when she takes that tape off

  3. arnieblackblack


  4. Wendy O

    Wendy O. Williams wants her schtick back.

    In 1981 it was shocking. In 2011, after sex-tapes, vag-flashing, and nip-slips galore, who cares.

  5. a british guy

    she is legal here in england

  6. Anna

    great tits!

  7. larrythefatcat

    Hello Daddy, hello Mom…. she’s your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb.

    Her schtick is definitely a mixture of Wendy Williams (from the Plasmatics, definitely not the talk show host) and the Runaways… probably just because of the teenage thing.

  8. bananas

    hey they’re still perky, let her fly them out as long as she wants but shes gonna regret it when shes older.

  9. Trotdawg

    Wasn’t she the girl who played Cindy Lou Who in the Jim Carrey movie The Grinch?

  10. Kim

    This girl’s going to become the female Marilyn Manson – if she can only think of something more interesting to write about than smoking cigarettes and being bipolar.

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