1. Cock Dr

    Such a healthy, wholesome looking young woman, spreading her message of female rock empowerment all over the Olde World.
    Lady GaGa has upped the game. It takes more than a few pieces of black tape over the under 18 nips to rouse some outrage from the squares these days.

  2. Carlos Stranz

    Bad or not, Taylor Momsen try to do music. Lady Gaga is a pre-order scatologic Madona for dumbs. Is no musician, instead, she is a porn-clow with bad taste and desperate mesures to keep attention. Is even worst than rap music…
    I really don’t think Taylor is trying to be sexy… Is more like trying to be a punk.
    If she never acted in teen idiotic series, she will be nothing but a dirty punk-rocker that believe don’t take baths made her ideal stronger.

    • Kim

      I was compelled to comment because of your use of the term ‘porn clown’. You are awesome. That’s all.

  3. sue

    oh wow well you just made it pretty obvious youve never looked into lady gaga or taylor and you also dont understand them or their style and you barely even know them


    What the hell is wrong with all these bitches behaving like sluts, whores and street walkers? Why can’t they act like classy Ladies, with Respect for themselves as well as others? Good Lord, Clean up your stupid act!!! Lady Gag’a, and Taylor, have no style at all, accept TRASHY whores, who will most likely end up with herpes, AIDS and Give it to all the boys……………………………………………………………………..

    • Skeets

      You sound MAD.

    • crackerass

      What on earth is wrong with girls being slutty of their own accord? They have every right to be, and who are we to tell them they can’t? Put the Bible down, people aren’t going to burn in hell for being naked or having sex. The human body isn’t the devil, and god doesn’t hate sex. You’re just retarded.

  5. So very intentionally lifting her arm. The desperation is strong with this one.

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