1. Ravred

    Oh wow…so in order to lend some legitimacy to the music is customary to look as though your clothes came from a dumpster and electic tape to cover her nips…..really, how cheap and drole. Music Exec: So Gaga got the over the top couture clothes and Taylor…your’re well rock and roll and well here’s the wardrobe for that. And so sex sells..make sure you do things to get you noticed..(enter tape) and twist your body so that you flash people….wow what would Whoville think of little Cindy Who now…..taylor who now what now? Grow up and cover up a little and maybe you’ll be remembered ..for now…forgetable.

  2. wailer

    just another stupid, confused, publicity hound, could care less air-head exhibitionist

  3. wailer

    Honey, if you’re gonna air out your boobs in public, no problem, but do it right. WTF is with the tape? omg, if you want shock factor and publicity, then…..lose the tape.

  4. David R

    Dale Bozio was a lot prettier when she did it, Wendy O Williams too.

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