1. She has a point actually.

    You cannot convince me that she hasn’t been molested as a child.

  2. vix

    I just wish someone would hire a stylist for her.

    Those raccoon eyes are God awful.

  3. poop

    she needs to calm her shit down.

  4. john

    This makes me so angry! she says its her parents fault… if she doesnt want to be famous….then at 16 or watever age she is…she’s old enuf to leave all that fame. she doesnt have to pose for magazines, be in a us teen show or be in a band. If you want to blame your parents….fine…but dont carry on in the industry that your saying your parents “forced” you into! god thats so annoying. All she is is a spoiled rich brat. what a fool, to have said this..but then a few photos down is her posing for a magazine…..i dont think your paretns forced you to pose in your underwear now did they….although id say your prob gonna blame them for that aswell.idiot

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