1. Charmless Man

    Something tells me she got that gut by doing something that looks strikingly similar to what she’s doing now.

  2. Pretty

    She is waifish, she’s just got a weirdly shaped body. You can clearly see that she has minimal body fat in the full body shots and looking at her arms, her stomach is just distended and/ or unfortunately shaped.

  3. S J West

    Its just the mesh! It makes it all look weird and bulgey. She’s one hot 17 yr girl

  4. The Ugly Truth

    I weight 105 pounds and my stomach still looks like this. It’s just the shape of her muscles.

  5. clifford

    she’s such a poseur, it’s more likely a Mocha Frappuccino belly.

  6. OucH!!

    zombi skeletons cannot be fat. it’s just an optical illusion.

  7. Bob

    I’d bust hella nut up in that

  8. PMS water retention. And beer.

  9. Ali

    Thats not a beer gut. Thats her in the middle of dancing and a picture taken from the side. Plus she’s wearing mesh. Give me a break. The other pictures of the SAME show I see a flat tummy.

  10. sourdoughantive

    She is just skinny and flabby. She’s not toned at all. She doesn’t exercise the abdominal muscles, so she has no definition.

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