1. Grrrr fuck the stars lets see em titties!!!!

    • girlatgirldotgirl

      Have fun in jail if you ever find them.

      • Actually, you would not, first, because she had pasties on, and second, since it was a recording made in a public location. It wasn’t done for the specific purpose of creating pornography.

        For instance, pictures taken at a nude resort of minors are perfectly legal, so is Brooke Shields early filmography. Concert footage would be the same.

    • Pooteriffic

      Read the post moron. She didn’t bare them. She had pasties on. AKA NO NUDITY!

  2. Tony Y

    who the fuck is taylor momsen?

  3. That’s it? Well hell……


    • girlatgirldotgirl

      At least they are nicely shaped. =) They are big enough to look nice and light enough not to be effected by gravity quite like larger tits.

  4. Puddin' Taine

    mmmm, daddy like….

  5. Fanty&Mingo

    WTF? Where are her parents?

  6. burton

    I love small breast…big ugly breast are a turn off to me, small little ones are the cutest!!!

  7. Crys

    “if yo daughter’s a stripper, you f**ked up!” – chris rock

  8. Herman Bumfudle

    uuumm, those tits are beautiful.

  9. camparito

    that’s what I call talent

  10. missmayhem

    Can you say courtney love’s Mini-me?

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