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  2. Faridatul

    Carol, Have you done any research at all into this niaccve? Apparently you have not. I have been researching this since Feb of 2007 and would not recommend this niaccve. If you have a family history of allergies or auto-immune disease (which is excluded from trials) you have a greater likely hood of having an adverse reaction. This niaccve targets the Th2 response (which is an inflammatory) which triggers IgE (another inflammatory) which in turn triggers the histamine receptors (which is an inflammatory). People with a family history of allergies and/or autoimmune disease are likely to have elevated levels of IgE and histamine receptors. What this combo has the potential to do is create a cytokine storm which can cause the body to attack itself. So Carol before speaking do your research. I know thousands who are now experiencing severe reactions that have limited their quality of life. Many are now disabled. I would not wish the possibility of disability on anyone.

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