1. donkeylicks

    Back before this internet thing blew into town we used to watch our porno on DVD’s. Imagine my surprise and disappointment that Teens Goin’ Wild Vol 12 has now been ruined by the fact that I only see Justin Beiber’s stupid face instead of that unknown black man who is railroading Tati Neves’ ass.

  2. MarketingMike

    First, a personal observation…
    Bet that couch is dripping in STDs

    As to the Whore/Model/Escort/Skank in the pictures.
    Someone needs to tell her that posing for PICTURES
    instead of a drunk John, is a different skill set. Nothing
    quite as “sexy” as a girl who looks totally pissed off.
    I was married once I remember the look. No thanks…

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