1. jason

    such a shame she ruined her stomach

  2. The Pope

    This reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld (remember Seinfeld?!) where Jerry and George mocked a girl’s stomach. Now every time I see Tara Reid, I’ll hear “Hellooooo!” in my head.

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Why yes, that IS the accordeon I’m playing with my stomach!

  4. anonym

    WHERE THE FUCK is she getting the money to not have to work and lay on a beach all day?

    where the fuck ?!

  5. ohwhatthehell

    E.T. phone home

  6. lily

    hard to believe this is the same girl from american pie. she really did a number on her body. i still think she has a cute face though

  7. I would still fuck the shit out of her. Her stomach’s not that bad. Nowhere near as bad as Nancy Grace’s face.

  8. Chet

    One of the worst botcharoonies in hollywood cosmetic surgery history. Cautionary tale, people. Hot girls should just stay away from the knife and age naturally.

  9. fvalen001

    She reminds of that monster in “Pans Labyrinth”, that had eyes in it’s hands, and ate small children.

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