1. Dox

    It is interesting to note the muscle waste on her legs and arms. The Irony of Anorexia Nervosa is that the caloric intake you have, the more your body enters into a starvation mode. It will cannibalize the muscle tissue first, and store almost all food intake that isn’t immediately used as fat.

    The ironic part is that it produces the exact opposite results desired, in that your body shape is not only undesirable as your skeletal structure protrudes from your skin, but that it is impossible to obtain the desired shape. Unless of course, skeletal is the desired shape.

    Also interesting, is that this generally effects only women in developed countries, and generally upper middle class and above.

    Kind of sad really.

  2. Blow Me

    I absolutely loathe when people put “kind of sad, really” postscripts to their asinine little diatribes, usually about something that is truly fucking sad. As if this woman did anything to you to deserve your snide throwaway line.

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