1. Hugh Jass

    Wow, somebody more worthless than Teen Mom

  2. Anthony Weiner threw away his political comeback for her?

    Holy shit, dude.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I was just about to post the same thing. It just shows how batshit insane that Anthony Weiner is if this was a chick he was sending dick pics to. She’s not even remotely attractive. The only place in America where men would fight over her is Cell Block D in some prison and even then, half of the guys would say, “Fuck it, I’ll just jerk off for the next 24 months.”

  3. Beer Baron

    How appropriate, an hourglass tattoo signifying that she has less than a minute of her 15 left.

  4. Cock Dr

    Holy shit she looks downright vile in this shot.
    The hourglass tattoo is fitting. Counting down your 15 minutes Ms Leathers?

  5. My god. She’s fucking disgusting. Why do you keep posting about her. She contributes nothing.

  6. why oh why

    flat square a**

  7. Oh, hey look everyone! It’s that 25 lbs over-weight, sloppy, drunk chick that hits on you at the bar and when you say, “Sorry, not interested” screams at you and says, “You wish!”.

    Then she picks up her shoes and cock blocks you from hitting on her friend all night. All the while the only thing you can think to yourself is, “Seriously, was that her feet that stank that bad when she was talking to me or did somebody happen to puke right where we were standing?”

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