1. bluemanda

    What is that wonderful taste. Ah yes, that is the taste of victory.

  2. emily

    haha love this

  3. mxbanker

    Bet she never saw this coming when Linsey was filming “The Parent Trap”.

  4. Bindy

    Haha is the lady in the black dress laughing? Nice!

  5. yup

    Almost better than Dina’s face is the look on her lawyer’s face trying not to piss herself laughing!

  6. Brian0523

    Is that the black suit Dina’s going to wear to her daughters funeral? Just askin.

  7. jim x

    OMG. That is fantastic. She didn’t get her way. AND she’s that mad because her daughter might get a slap on the other wrist this time. And, incidentally, have another chance not to die choking on a crack pipe under a bridge.

    • stinkdaddy

      Choking a crack pipe in a VIP lounge you mean? I think you’re giving Hollywood a bit much credit by assuming she’ll ever be unwelcome.

      • jim x

        Well, it’s not to Hollywood’s credit – I just think there could come come a point where she doesn’t make money for people any more. Then she could end up downtown like Leif Garrett. But that did take a couple decades.

  8. shaft


  9. Sean

    When’s she’s a 65llb crack whore there will still be people in Hollywierd lining up to get a bj from her.

    …and her mom brokering the transactions for her 10%

    grow a brain in lockup or this is your future

  10. Rick's Daddy


  11. BabygirljeR

    Oh, good! Univision is there.

  12. Vin Broccoli

    Don’t count Lindsay out. She’s the Jake Roberts of Hollywood. She’ll out live everyone.

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