1. Tomas

    Those are lifetime achievements!

  2. bassackwards

    Lefty LOSER!

  3. bassackwards

    Yep… she’s SO hot, & SO popular in the USA, that she had to go to the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (ever heard of it??… me either…) to win some award…. WOW!! Guess I’ll put that right next to my TV Guide Collection!!

  4. Susan Sarandon has always had a great rack, but nowadays I would be more focused on her hot daughter, Eva Amurri…


  5. Fingergod

    “Sweater cows”

  6. gearhead

    Susan everyone is not looking at you they are looking at your head lights.

  7. spartacus

    I cast my mind back to Susan having a drop of red wine spilled on her perfect white shirt, Catherine Deneuve had no option but to help her out of that shirt so it could be washed…..

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