1. It’s shrinkage, Megan! SHRINKAGE! The water was cold!

  2. metacafe

    This girl needs to do porn, STAT!!

  3. see saw

    —-DIS-traction aside

    the Hollywood franchise slum mafia (Spielberg/Lucas/Cameron)
    having been programming tech worship, soft porn diversions and
    EUGENICS for decades now —–REALLY needs to drop its self-basting

    ESP. in light of their key, indeed, central role in burying ALLLLLLL
    consciousness of the ever unfolding ‘EUGENICS friendly’ RED Chinese

    Just a little REALITY CHECK on this, the once again ‘overlooked’

    61st Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR…

  4. ackypoo

    do these glasses make my ass look fat?

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