1. Kitty

    Yay she put a little weight back on and looks awesome.. Good for her. She looks like a woman and not Skeltor anymore. Pretty girl!

  2. Sinful

    Sure she’s dumb as rocks and can’t act, but my god would she be just about the best ass fuck ever?

  3. Nik

    She has got to have the weirdest shaped body I have ever seen.

    • erica

      wow i dont get why people call her body shaped weird, ok its not perfect, but kesha’s is the weirdest I have ever seen, this doesnt even come close come on overreacting much?

  4. see saw

    Spielberg is bugged by Hitler —-but pushing tech worship and EUGENICS,
    to say nothing of ‘compliantly’ programming for our 4 decades of RED China
    sellout, set up and TREASON poses no problem at all.

    FACT IS the Spielberg/Lucas/Cameron franchise slum mafia has been
    absoltely key to burying ALLLLLL consciousness of the ever unfolding
    ‘EUGENICS friendly’ RED Chinese Halocaust.

    ALLLLLL we need to know————————————————————–

  5. I want to be a friend to one of the sexy looking babes in U.s.a. Thanks.

  6. Praise The Lords

    Looks like Carmunch Stewart. Acts about as humble as her too.

  7. Edward

    Brian Austen Green is one lucky guy to tweet that everyday.

  8. yawn

    respect.. twitter IS stupid.

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