1. Trevor

    these two are lovers. Gay or not. He is being sexually fulfilled by his mother. She should know better then that on how she is behaving? Shame on her. Someone should look into her being very creepy with her own kids????????

  2. jo&jo

    It’s reasonable to say that a distort relationship with a father can make one gay, but I can’t tell what one can become after such empathy with a mother. Maybe no girl is good enough for a guy like this, but is sucking other’s penis a solution?

  3. mk

    Many gay men have mothers like Stephanie, who are inappropriately close to their male children from early childhood as a way of compensating for a lack of intimacy from the men in their lives. Of course, this short circuits the child’s sexual development and attitudes towards the opposite sex. Well done, Stephanie.

    • jeff-minneapols

      ok doctor thanks for the advise.

    • Jaco

      Many americans have idiot views like mk, who are inappropriately close to their bibles from early childhood as way of compensating for a lack of common sense in their own personality throughout their lives. Of course, this blurs the american’s intellectual development and attitudes towards normal live. Well done, mk.

  4. Yoshi

    All i know is i would never touch my mom like that…..period. ewww


    wolfman legs, yuck.

  6. jake

    lucky bastards are lucky

  7. yowillie

    I’d spank her.

  8. Ashley

    Guys, he’s wearing a bathing suit. Swimming trunks show everything off. There’s no boner. I’m sure the photographer either missed the re-adjust photo or didn’t sell it. They’re close, it’s not like they went for that pose for the camera.

  9. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Of course he is gay. His mother will hire a hotman if any woman other then her comes close to him. This kind of closeness, EVEN if it’s non-sexual, is NOT HEALTHY between children and their parents. You got to have boundaries. Sick sick sick.

  10. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Shit, I meant a hitman.

  11. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    And I also meant “thAn”… Fish, you gotta let people edit their posts.

  12. noyb

    if u find ur mother hot that’s prbly why ur gay. there is a big difference from being open and being incestuous. my family is ver open cuz it’s mostly women it’s me, my sister and our brother and my aunts family is two girls and one boy too so the boys just sort of have to deal with seeing nudity etc. when we go to my grandmothers in mexico we go topless if we want and the boys just roll their eyes they are used to it but there are boundries not to be crossed especially when nude u don’t let ur younger brother come up and hug u or touch u, u get frigging dressed. I mean being open shouldn’t be an allowance for being innapropriate

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