1. JP-A!

    Very clever! She brought along a “Hairy Beach Ape” to feed to Sherman and keep the waters safe for her and the little girl.

  2. Eric Djemba Djemba

    is that ali lohan on the right?

  3. rican

    Rowan Atkinson, you lucky bastard!

  4. Cock Dr

    Steffi was a smart angel.
    Don’t marry the rock star; fuck him for a while then marry a nice ordinary looking rich guy.
    She looks freakin’ awesome. Yowza.

    • Jam

      So…I’m guessing he’s loaded. Probably a billionaire. Just a hunch. *checks* Yep. The ONLY way an ugly monkey like that can get even a middle-aged Stephanie Seymour is having money.

  5. The dad from Life Goes On scored him some primo ass.

  6. Quavis

    I thought Buddy Hackett was older….dirtier….deader….

  7. creep

    You can tell he’s banging her. The little girl, I mean.

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