1. Hugh Gentry

    damn…I’d bury my face in there for a week.

  2. slippinx12

    Even that little girl appreciates that ass.

  3. John Hopkirk

    I would burrow so deep in that ass I’d find sweetcorn from 2007 in there.

  4. peterman

    New for 2012. Boner Girl. Available in blue.

  5. Jimmy Stewart

    That girl just popped a boner and she doesn’t even care.

  6. Master Cherry Plucker

    Now I see why my brother started getting into YOGA! Especially with this pic, I’ve shot loads and loads of Christmas cheer, with my 10 fingers. Being patriotic, I’d die for my country by face-suffocation between those WONDER CHEEKS!!! Stephanie See-More, I’m gonna bury my BIG bone where the sun don’t shine…

  7. hmmm

    Beached whale comes to mind.

  8. jdb

    i would lick that a**hole for days. then i would stick my rod in her ass and F**k her until she comes!!

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