1. Guy Smiley

    damn this bitch fell off

  2. Luke

    Still isn’t bad, most could do worse.

  3. Dani

    Still has nice legs.

  4. malberry

    ((insert Ke$ha joke))

  5. Amir

    What is it with these young(ish) pale women with square butts??

  6. allx

    Seriously, how do you live with yourself? You seem like such a smart, talented writer. Why on earth are you wasting that on making body image jokes about a woman with an eating disorder? It astounds me how you seem to have absolutely no conscience.

    • sk

      seriously- I love this site, but hate that it perpetuates a really messed up view of what women should look like

    • Quijibo

      Stop being so fucking sensitive. It’s a gossip website. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Fact is, the girl looked better when she was refunding.

  7. yoyoblack

    at least her boobs are real.. and her stomach is pretty flat. flatter than mine :(

  8. backtonow

    Come on……she looks fine. Just a bad angle in this photo. Check out the other ones. It’s just unfortunate that her middle section has no waist and high hip bones. She can’t help that. She does need a more flattering bikini though.

  9. never

    just a bad angle

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