1. lord of the obvious

    airbrushed but I am definitely a fan. I will let you pop my pimples on my back and shave my scrotum

  2. ayo

    eah eah dude looks like a lady, eah eah

  3. Joe

    She has no tits.

  4. shelby

    her upper body and lower body do not match…half man half woman?!

  5. Stacey Keibler has no tits…??? Half man, half woman…??? Are you people fucking nuts?

    She’s a fucking goddess. Her breasts look smaller than they are because she is an Amazon, just shy of six feet tall. Of course what she does have would probably be too cumbersome for your dainty little ball scratchers anyway…

  6. Mama Pinkus

    her thigh size is larger than her waist

  7. Looks like a man?! She’s hot as hell!

  8. Jimmy

    Wow. Just wow.

  9. laalaa

    I don’t know who this women is but she is weirdly shaped. Is she some sort of athlete? Her shoulders are huge, no breasts, gigantic thighs. Really unfortunate. When i saw the photo, i thought she was a transvestite.

  10. LLBL

    The Photoshopper went for the natural look with this one and left a faint hint of the forehead vein.

  11. Clooney has three years to tie the Warren Beatty timeline, any girl who doesn’t understand that that’s what Clooney is aiming for is just fooling herself. He won’t get married until he’s 56 (Beatty married at 55).

  12. Excilkcix

    swirlie sex

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