1. Deacon Jones

    I would not be able to control myself around her and would aggressively grope that ass if I ever saw it in person

  2. Ronaldo

    Dear God. Thats a lot of woman. Having sex with her would be like racing in a ferrari…….you better be good at it.

  3. blablah

    How do so many women have no cellulite? Isn’t the stats that 90% of women have it? Even pretty ones. But I NEVER see it on this site. I wish I knew the cure….

  4. Sardonic

    That is not Hermosa Beach. Not that anyone viewing this gives a sh*t.

    • I grew up in Manhattan Beach, so I know of what I speak. You’re right, of course. In fact, I don’t know anywhere in Southern California that looks like that. She is an Aussie. Maybe it’s Hermosa Beach, Australia. Hahahaha…

  5. Gregggo

    The article is incorrect. She is in Sydney Australia in these pics.

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