1. bassackwardbo

    Would someone please remove this blight from the earth…..this woman(?) is a menace to society…..and just burned the retina’s from my eyes!

  2. poodle

    Everyone’s on the vampire bandwagon now. I don’t like how they keep changing the rules though. Remember when they were sexy and couldn’t go out in the sunlight?

  3. Jenny

    Does no one happen to notice the flap o’ vag hanging out from that tacky bikini? Because I would like the writer to thoroughly investigate then describe (also thoroughly) how he removed his eyes this time.

  4. www.goochonline.com

    I thought it was Prince William.

  5. wishy

    My god, she can’t act, is painfully unfunny, shows shear desperation for attention, and now proves she is in the bottom 10% of all women in attractiveness. Is their anything she doesn’t such at?

  6. Whatwhatindabutt

    Look at Powder, rockiing that bikini

  7. avital

    she rocking this bikini !
    she looks so good!
    she just need to do a spray tan :)

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