1. Richard McBeef

    so that goose is really feeding it to the ‘dillo, huh?

  2. Ivy League Procrastination

    I’m sorry, I know we’re all focused on the naked teenagers here but is that A GOOSE FUCKING AN ARMADILLO?

  3. Gwen


  4. Wrong

    You guys… GOOSE = CANADIAN (it’s a canadian goose) and ARMADILLO = TEXAS.

    Bieber is from canada. The hot 12 year old is from texas. Not sure why the artist decided to put that in there, but it’s pretty funny.

  5. Complete waste of time and material!!!! Except the goose nailin’ the armadillo, of course.

  6. Arzach

    Well, at least the “artist” got something right, none of them has a penis

  7. duh!

    Does it say anywhere in the Bible that this is one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse?

  8. Venom

    This might be the worse thing I have ever seen in my life.

    A goose fucking an armadillo? Really?

  9. Gene

    Those crazy Canadians!!! Too much snow, perogies and Newfie Screech!

  10. JDub

    Um….no one else realise that this is a computer-rendered ‘model’. And a shoddy one at that.

  11. Katrina .H.

    THis is messed up this is sooo NOT funny

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