1. your mom

    When did she get tits like that?

  2. Teb

    Whats with the Goose fucking the Armadillo? this artist is a freakshow.

  3. sc4play

    The sad thing is our tax dollars probably paid for this sh*t!

    • Name

      Get proof or shut the fuck up. Not all shitty, pedophilia art (they’re a few years too young for this to be kosher) is paid for by the government.

  4. gargamellon

    is justin standing on a phone book? or is it artistic license? I thought he was like 5 feet shorter than selena

  5. Janks

    is that a goose fucking an armadillo?

  6. KC

    Pedophilia, bestiality, breaking the Second Commandment, human genetic experiments and simple bad taste…. nope nothing wrong here.

  7. medium rare

    I hope they got Selena’s big dark, drooping, mexican inner labia to scale.

  8. NYC I Banker

    lil bitch got herself some perky ones

  9. NYC I Banker

    where is the NSFW version that removes the fig leaves?

  10. Damnrobert

    Not even a real sculpture. Just a computer model using stock human bodies. This artist is a famewhore all of his stuff is like this – now he can’t even be bothered to actually sculpt.

  11. Gavagai

    Should look nice in Jabba’s palace…

  12. Hauley

    The artist is a dumb head because jelena is stupid and they should not be togethervi hate both of them SEDDIE FOREVER( sam and Freddie)

  13. Hailey

    I’m with you for all you lamos out there who don’t know what seddie is (Sam and Freddie)( jennette mccurty and nathen kress from I Carly) look at seddie videos on you tube best one is ether et seddie of tell me that you love me seddie peace out SEDDIE

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