1. yea, I said it

    only pregnant women hold their stomachs like that…even if they are not showing yet…

    • Andriiya

      Uhuh, so she’s been preggers for 8 months? Or are you saying she was pregnant and miscarried/aborted and is now just fat?

      • xisme

        shes not pregnant now.. she was what almost 3 years ago. shes just gained alot of weight due to depression from splitting with her husband.. you know the usual thing depression?

  2. kasxyz

    OMG did you see the shoes!!!!!

  3. Woes

    Looks to me like the two pics in the robe are recent and she’s showing someone her hot mommy to be (again) belly. The other pics are older and probably were sent to her stylist or lover the former to decide on outfits and that latter to get him/her hot and bothered.

    I think another pregnancy is a good possibility because of the bump… I’m pregnant with my 3rd and I was showing by 6 weeks, and my 2nd baby I was showing by 9 weeks.

    But wow the shoes!!!!!

  4. JJ

    Tell me this – Do guys REALLY like the completely hairless look? Doesn’t it feel like having sex with a small child? Pedophiles!

    • dmars

      Tell me this — Do you think women shouldn’t shave their legs? I mean only kids have hairless legs right, you must be a pedo if you like shaved legs by your logic. If you go back to the 1800′s women didn’t shave their legs or underarms. Now it is considered the norm, more and more shaving or at least trimming down there is becoming the norm, for guys too. Just like hairy legs aren’t attractive to men, a big ole hairy bush is not seen as attractive either, get with the times. You are either very dumb or a troll that I just fed.

      • Angie

        Whatever not all guys like the COMPLETELY shaved look – I go for a nicely trimmed little landing strip, at least a little bit of hair down there because I Think it looks a lot nicer and no one has ever complained

  5. jeroen

    see got a lot of shoes and no tits

  6. Diana

    Well i think she,s looking great !

    Lot of bruise,s on her legs..

  7. Shellfish789

    The less talent you have, the more clothes you take off!

  8. strukie

    there is no way that is christina. take a really good look at her body shape. she has never looked like that. and exactly the reason why she is posing side profile, cause it’s an imposter

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