1. Mena

    Silver dollar nipples.

  2. Incredible

    Woo Hoo and she is single!!

  3. KC

    These pics give me epilepsy.

  4. suck it

    Considering that Fish puts a star over anything else that might in the least bit be naughty or when even the slightest bit of areola is showing, I am quite surprised that he didn’t star out this pic and the others!

  5. suck it

    her and i have the same nipples!! whoo hooooo!

  6. suck it

    Considering that Fish usually puts a star over anything that could be seen as remotely “naughty” or even just a flash of an areola, I am surprised to see that these pics (especially this one) don’t have the usual lame-o stars.

  7. Spense

    Ratman brought these up from the sewer. Thank you Ratman

  8. glace neuf

    i’d fucking hit it, no questions asked!

  9. kiki

    What is the big deal?

  10. R

    These are test shots to see how certain outfits photograph w/ flash.

  11. Gab

    Thats not christna… its just a crack whore…

  12. Cardinal Fang

    Marilyn looks great!

  13. Danise

    she looks pp , her tummy is big

  14. jk

    nice bruises..

  15. satan

    YES, i would like to humpadump her, but she knew that already

  16. Manda

    The last one is her? Wow she sure as hell looks different without the 900 layers of makeup and hair product.. I bet she weighs 50 pounds less too!

  17. me

    what’s with the bruises on her legs?????

  18. Loving it!!

    Boner time!!!

  19. Kiki

    looks like she had her implants removed after having her son. she looks frail and a lot different without makeup. think she said she had bruises from filming Burlesque which coincides with the timing these pictures were shot.

  20. f*ck2rock2

    I want a wall of shoes.

  21. A-Fan

    i think she looks amazing. She shouln’t be inbarrased! She had a wonderfull body! Go Christina!

  22. Like a G6

    I’ve never seen anyone look better w/little or no make up on whore out worse than this chick in pancake. Her head is actually the size of a pea, but w/pancake batter on that thick, it looks normal size. Go natch. X-tina, you look waaay smokin hotter and less freaky and like your hiding something (or someone) under all that shellac.

  23. Cheesy Poofs

    See, regardless of all the negative comments, I think she still looks great!

  24. shy is kind of Sexy

  25. Alyssa

    She looks beautiful without the make up.
    Please go natural more often, girl!

  26. mickey holland

    why does she care that the pictures reached the internet?
    it’s not like she has a dick in her mouth.

    she looks beautiful if u ask me..

  27. Angie

    Her shoes are organized by type. *dies*

    And she looks fine as hell! I agree – she looks hot with makeup but just as hot, even a bit hotter without!! cute!

  28. yizzo

    look at tattoo (left arm) in picture….just so anyone with denials knows….this IS christina.

  29. hi

    Wow… Like the last pic :D Nice calendar too

  30. There’s always been something about this picture that’s both amazing and tragic at the same time.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for this girl, even going back years.

  31. Porkpie

    I’m milking my boner right now.

  32. krraank

    Barn door. Hurricane. Nuff said.
    I also like her taste in calendars

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