1. sallysallysally

    oh my god i want that closet full of louboutins and chanel…hyperventilating…

  2. suck it

    As a female I just HAVE to say this:
    I’m jealous! Look at all those shoes and bags!!!!

  3. alisa

    ooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy godddddddddddddddddddddddd …………………my dream come true

  4. Titty Caca

    Her transformation to Lizard Woman nears completion.

  5. woman_and_shoes?

    nobody said it wasn´t her, Marie.
    i just dont see the point of this photos!

    • xisme

      the point of this photo was for her stylist to get an idea of what to put together on her and what fits well. it clearly was leaked by some hacker.

      • the point was to shut everyone up about how she’s put on a few pounds. And it might have worked if these pics were actually recent

  6. Flower

    What’s with the bruises on her legs?

  7. ptesinge

    Oooohhh, Closet porn.

  8. lara

    So much te wear and than you put on that…. OMG

  9. Chuck U Farley

    Who’s creepier without makeup: Christina Aguilera or Katy Perry?

  10. nunya

    Leopard carpet….CLASSY.

  11. Linda Bol

    This is not here, only in the nice dress. Look at the hair and floor.

  12. bo

    women are so fickle…..

  13. Dorian Gray

    If ever a man wanted to know why a big wallet is more important than anything else, this page is it.

  14. Oscar

    OMG I love those Alexander McQueen leggins

  15. lyric

    She looks like a crack head……… a pregnant crack head at that.

  16. Amanda

    I’d kill her and steal her shoes…….

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