1. Maeby

    um no. that’s not her.

    • sdgfs

      that is christina aguilera.. dont you remember she had the exact costume or “chains” on during the Not myself tonight video sitting in the red chair… well it is her..

  2. Eddie

    Let’s Start The Time Warp, AGAIN!!!!

  3. Something rough this way comes

    *makes shocking whistling sound* Ass munch much X-tina? Poor JB probably doesn’t even know this room exist…

  4. suck it

    did they retouch it to remove any visible signs of her pubic area??? It looks kind of weird… no slit or mound

  5. Angelonline

    On pics 2 and 3 she has a terrible bruise on the inside of her knee.

  6. Hmmmmm

    Fappity fap fap, fappity fap faptastic.

  7. I think she looks cute….makes me wanna put the dumb movie on the NetFlix list if she’s wearing stuff like this in it.

  8. edez


  9. Eric

    XTina shaves her vag

  10. Mel Gibson's Shrink


  11. 4xa

    she was hacked afterall..

  12. 4xa

    and it seems like half of u guys are ignorant fools who don’t take that into consideration.. its not like she wanted these pics posted online and i’m sure theres much worse out there than these pics.
    I rkn half u guys need to take step back into reality and realize shes also human too?

  13. Malewhore

    Nice MILF.

  14. Stian

    christina`s pussy :)

  15. Nico de Geit

    On photo 2 she has bruises on her legs that are not there on photo 1. There is nothing wrong with being naked, as long as you’re beautiful. If this is XA I wouldn’t recognize her if I met her. Maybe by her voice.

  16. megan

    i wanna scissor her

  17. Jake

    Come to daddy!

  18. vermin88

    It’s not her at that age she had tatoo’s and piercing’s on her body and har boob’s where done at that time look at picture’s thats her in the white robe but the other’s I don’t think so..

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