1. Bagina Face

    Sexy bruise.

  2. Amy King

    Christina or Courtney Love? I’m confused by the bruising and bad blond hair.

  3. HMMM

    GAG… she needs to stay in the closet with those clothes. I hate these pictures. And I agree the bruises are gross!!!

  4. xanax in my beer

    Egads. Them’s a lot of bruises.

  5. ingy

    Candyman makes so much more sense now that I realize that candy is a euphemism for crack

  6. Janskulainen

    Wtf, she looks like a crack fucking whore! I would not hit that. Without a condom.

  7. TPforZeeBungHolio

    It looks like she got fucked up by a midget, oh wait……..

  8. jenn

    why is she all bruised and bloody?

    • sdgfs

      because she was filming burlesque at this time and it had alot of dancing in it so im guessing she bruised her self during that or her husband hit her which i highly doubt that.

  9. Jen

    Public Service Announcement: banging this will create an over-fed baby-mama.

  10. mfb

    I’d fuck her ten ways to sundown, bruises and all…..seriously sexy body!!!

  11. Culchah Vulchah

    Bruises are about right. Dancers always look war-torn. Up close with no make-up? It ain’t pretty.

  12. Jim Bob

    The HIV infested heroin addict stripper look sure is hot right now.

  13. boogie

    damn she looks cracked out…

  14. Bronson

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, I think these pics are hot! You can almost see her pussy. I’m happy.

  15. ptesinge

    What the heck is wrong with her right shin (our left)? Looks like the skin is all torn off. Yealch.

  16. sex

    Sexyyyyyyyyy Boobies!

  17. boy

    no, thanks :(

  18. hewooo

    That is not her. The body is too skinny….she’s MUCH bigger now. Plus all the other pics like that hardly show her face. This one that should show her face is cut off…hmmmm why? It’s because they are fake except for the robe pictures.

  19. hewooo

    ***This one should show her face is but it is cut off

  20. barry

    jeeez is somebody beating her up? Otherwise without the bruises, not bad

  21. Matt

    You guys try dancing all day everyday, preparing for a tour and see how many bruises you get? she looks amazing. you can see her real skin tone and she looks phenomenal.

  22. Alexa

    Hewooo, these pictures are most definitely Christina, but these pictures are also old, old news. They were taken while filming Burlesque and recording music for Bionic. The bruises are (obviously) from dancing all day long on the movie set, and that one outfit was featured in the Not Myself Tonight music video.

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