1. Mena

    Ummm. Is she pregnant here or just on the rag?

  2. LPP

    I think this is supposed to be an early pregnancy picture… it would make sense with this one (bare belly) plus the one with the robe covering and her hand holding it taut against her stomach. Not many women take random pictures of their stomachs in profile for any other reason…

  3. Mardi

    yeah why not mention the fact that she very obviously looks like she’s displaying early stage pregnancy? holding her tummy like that in both robe shots??

    • Drew

      These pictures aren’t being shown in an attempt to show how fat she’s got, these pictures are from a batch of images that were leaked a couple years ago, that Fish decided to put up as a random gallery after the article (like he has been doing since the new site). This image just so happened to be leaked with the other images you’re seeing. Calm down.

  4. Sam

    She’s a skanky Marilyn Monroe wannabe.

  5. Woofus

    The two in the sparkly getup with pasties have to be from a long, long time ago her boobs haven’t been that small since she released “Genie in a bottle”

  6. Ftard

    Food baby.

  7. Bridget

    I think she looks beautiful. Obvi accidental skanky pic release, but she looks good!

  8. Marcel

    Damned WikiLeaks!

  9. jeroen

    well see got a fine nice body,be prowd of it cristina,you are beautiful.

  10. dave

    She grew up not far from Pittsburgh….apparently quite the skank at her high school and did any guy on the block…atta Girl!!!!

  11. bitingontinfoil

    How old *are* these pics? Recent pics have her sporting a double chin, puffy cheeks and the torso of a tree tunk.

  12. shoenelle

    Christina looks like an old cow an old cow in that pic, and as sge looks like a slut in ‘nobody can hold us down ‘ MUSIC VID

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