1. BadBrad

    That is one Extremly Atractive Woman!

  2. deigo

    OMG, heather graham is so much hotter (while we’re comparing people of similar age groups). I’ll give sofia the nod for huge tits, but she’s also got rampant ass/thigh cellulite going on, not too mention her “sexy” burn victim belly (a la kate gosselin). Heather graham is supremely hotter, and, as someone pointed out, 2-1/2 years older.

  3. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace.

  4. JDF

    deigo, stfu and let me fap.

  5. Rob

    What is she like almost 40? Great stuff, but she has that weird stomach that screams lipo. I don’t care that she did it, but I wish theyd be able to find to make the stomach soft and supple again. Its less gratifying to look at after youve done your bizness. Oh and Sofia is way hotter than Heather, you queer.

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