1. veronica

    ass on her chest

  2. Keno

    Sweet Christmas!!

  3. Pander Smirk

    my god man!

  4. Chris

    yum, ever she is

  5. If the ship sinks, all women and children please calmly move to the Italian Flotation Devices, i.e. Sofia Vergara !

  6. joe

    So hot now. In 15 years, the beautiful cans will resemble super-torpedos, however.

    It’s always a tradeoff. The skiiny ones age better, but the meaty ones are super-delicious until they hit 30, and then it falls apart fast.

  7. Mel Gibson

    Dirty mexican.

    • Dirty Mexican

      Hello Mel Gibson…… she is not dirty Mexican….she is dirty Colombian because dirty Mexican it’s me….. NO SEAS GUEY PINCHE PENDEJO……

  8. Emu

    I… I just wanna get in there and nuzzle… nuzzle till I tire myself out and then curl up and take a nap in her warm, soft, wonderful cleavage.

  9. Sofia is THE BOMB. and she is from Colombia, she is not Italian or Mexican, hey I love Mexicans and Italians, but Colombia is the birthplace of the hottest woman on the planet. Check this out…

    • Glenda

      I agree about the things you say about Colombia…..I love Mexicans, Italians and specially Brazilians….thay are the hottest people in the world……I like brown color, I really don’t like chicken legs.

  10. Cardinal Fang

    You can almost see her Vergara

  11. Hugh Gentry

    I would dump my baby batter in there every night

  12. Hugh Gentry

    i want to camp there for a month

  13. Kenny

    I love what I see!

  14. skunk

    i would pay 1 billion dollars to play with those

  15. Heisenberg

    Nice beginnings of cellulite

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