1. I'm on my Period.

    The whole concept of makeup is weird and incredibly sad. Some women cant even leave their house without putting it on… so many of us are ashamed of how are faces naturally look and it’s got to stop. if more women stopped wearing makeup then everyone would see whats natural and normal, and humiliating articles like this wouldnt be written.

  2. not her

    Thats not her

  3. not her

    Looking at the noses, i would say the woman in the black coat is certainly not Sofia Vergara

  4. not her

    Again, that is not her.

  5. i'd hit it

    bangs. not her.

  6. Deez

    Either way, her tits still look the same :)

  7. Ali

    just because she has no bangs in that picture it’s not her, are you kidding me, you can wear wigs, they even have clip on bangs nowadays. It’s totally her. Amazing what expensive makeup can do huh??

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